Artist Studio

Artist Studio

Artist Studio – Green Features

Energy Efficiency


  • Energy Efficient offset stud framing
  • Efficient windows
  • R49 attic insulation

Sustainable Materials


  • Tongue and Groove Fir Flooring Sealed with Low VOC paint

Indoor Air Quality


  • Low VOC Paint
  • Low VOC caulking
  • No Added Formaldehyde added SkyBlend countertop substrate


In The Press

Custom artist studio for any art lover!5-23-2009 Artist Studio
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By The Numbers

By The Numbers

440 – square feet

4 – radiant heat panels installed for efficiency and comfort

1 – volcano rock sculpture

11 – artichoke plants in this beautifully landscaped yard

4236 – cedar shakes installed on roof

The People

Architect: Marcia Mikesh

Project Manager: John Mead