Birch House

Birch House

Birch House – Green Features

Water Conservation


  • Low flow faucets
  • Dual Flush toilets
  • Exterior wall tankless water heater

Energy Efficiency


  • Heat Pump technology
  • Exterior wall tankless water heater
  • Energy Star rated appliances

Sustainable Materials


  • Repurposed Gaslamp light fixtures
  • Neolith countertops

Indoor Air Quality


  • No VOC paints
  • Clear OSMO finish on new fir flooring

By The Numbers

By The Numbers

2 – old chimney’s taken down

1901 – year the house was built

10 – blocks away from Cellar Ridge offices

2 – Completely redone bathrooms

1 – completely redone kitchen

1 – old house ready for another hundred years

The People

PeopleOwners: Jill & Andy Gribskov
Project Manager: Zack Geary