Mead Residence

Mead Residence

Mead Residence – Green Features

Water Conservation


  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Drip irrigation
  • Low flow faucets and fixtures

Energy Efficiency


  • Sun tunnels, and high efficiency windows
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Solar Hot Water System

Sustainable Materials


  • Bamboo floors
  • Marmo flooring
  • Stained concrete floors

Indoor Air Quality


  • Low VOC paint throughout
  • Central vacuum system to promote clean indoor air
  • Electronic Air Cleaner
  • Minimal carpet

By The Numbers

By The Numbers

4 – boulders reduced to gravel to make room for the foundation

#1 – first project by Cellar Ridge

0 – north facing windows

3 – number of interior “relite” windows installed for day-lighting

180 – square feet: the size of the kitchen, the largest room in the house

The People

Homeowner:  John and Nikki Mead
Project Manager: John Mead
Architect: Cellar Ridge Construction