32nd St Modern

32nd St Modern

32nd St Modern – Green Features

Water Conservation


  • Low flow faucets
  • Dual flush toilets

Energy Efficiency


  • Dense-pack blown in fiberglass insulation
  • Air sealing package including Henry’s Blueskin VP100 building wrap
  • Energy Star certified appliances
  • Solar array
  • Offset stud advanced framing

Sustainable Materials


  • Job-site recycling
  • Cork flooring

Indoor Air Quality


  • No VOC paint
  • No carpeting
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • Rain screen
  • High volume range hood with make up air



  • Energy Star
  • Earth Advantage

A Video Account

By The Numbers

By The Numbers

2  wall-hung toilets

16 foot deep drywell for rain, ground, foundation, curtain water

4 clear story motorized windows installed

1.25 ACH (air changes per hour) rating from blower door test

3246 bottles of wine consumed to provide corks for flooring


The People

PeopleOwner: Kelvin and Cathy Ono
Architect: Kelvin Ono
Project Manager: John Mead