Outside the Box

Outside the Box


Outside the Box – Green Features

Water Conservation


  • Low Flow Faucets
  • Low Flow Showers
  • Low Flow Toilets

Energy Efficiency


  • Dense-pack blown in fiberglass insulation
  • Ground source heat pump HVAC system
  • Extensive air sealing package

Sustainable Materials


  • Job-site recycling

Indoor Air Quality


  • Zero VOC paint
  • No Carpeting in Remodeling


By The Numbers

By The Numbers

2,378 – Linear feet of loop on ground source HVAC system

4 – Panel Sierra Pacific Sliding Door

1 – Old chimney still in basement

The People

PeopleOwners: Jeremy Snow
Project Manager: Zack Geary
Architect: M.O. Daby Design
Photographer: Klik