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Another native of McMinnville, Conor is the other dedicated craftsman on the Cellar Ridge crew. Whether he is taking out cabinets to recycle and donate to Habitat for Humanity, cutting a delicate piece of trim, or framing a dual wall, Conor has the utmost attention to detail. Conor, when not building, likes to work in his yard and play with his kids. He is always working with his tools or expanding his knowledge to keep up with the newest building trends and products.

Given one superpower, Conor would love to be able to fly, rendering the arduous task of carrying things around the jobsite easy and quick. His favorite jobsite meal is whatever the local mini-mart is cooking up that day.

Conor fell in love with building and continues to hone his craft at every Cellar Ridge project. He makes an impact on each project and is an invaluable member of the team, contributing his great talents as a carpenter and so much more.

Conor Manfrin
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