Purple Hands Winery

Purple Hands Winery


Cellar Ridge Construction National Headquarters

Water Conservation


  • Rainwater collection gardens
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures throughout

Energy Efficiency


  • Simple Saver System, high performance insulation and finishing system
  • LED lights throughout

Sustainable Materials


  • Metal roofing and siding is made from recycled steel
  • Wood siding is reclaimed wood from an old lumber mill
  • Job site recycling during construction

Indoor Air Quality


  • Mini-Splits
  • Trusscore panel walls do not support mold growth
  • Ventilation system designed for safe management of CO2 during fermentation

The People

PeopleOwner: Cody & Marque Wright
Project Manager: John Mead
Photographer: Carolyn Wells-Kramer

By The Numbers

By The Numbers

4 – Rainwater collection gardens

4 – Number of high efficiency minisplit units used to heat and cool the entire facility

24 – Percent of the roof and siding is recycled steel

7 – Months to complete this facility from bare ground to producing and selling wine

Building Nerds Only

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