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Dominio IV's Story

When I look over the vines of Tempranillo and Syrah, cracking and spiraling as they grow, they seemed to be ancient. They are just fifteen years old and we mark the day we planted them by the face of our eldest son of the same age. , The vines’ skin folds, like that of an old sun weathered person, and bends in interesting ways. The land has begun to speak to the vines telling them secrets of the place where their roots grow. We only hear echoes of this conversation, but their talk is always about black mountain fruit such as dark huckleberries, black raspberries, and wild blackberries with hints of desert sage and star anise. We hope we are getting the best of this conversation, but maybe not.

Oregon is a remarkable fit for Pinot noir, so we have placed the winery in the cooler Willamette Valley and plucked grapes from eight deft farmers that see eye to eye with us on natural farming practices.  In the fall of 2017, we are planting Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes on our new Estate property in Carlton.

The Wine Maker

Patrick Reuter is the winemaker and co-owner of Dominio IV. Patrick learned about wine-making while working harvests in Chile, New Zealand, Napa, Burgundy, and Oregon.  He graduated from University of California Davis where he studied terroir while his wife, Leigh, studied viticulture. Patrick started the Dominio IV winery with Leigh in 2002 and has been working with the fruits of Viognier, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Tempranillo ever since.

After gleaning hands-on vineyard experience in both Washington State and Chile, Leigh studied viticulture at the University of California at Davis. Master’s degree in hand, she then traveled the world, working harvests from California to Burgundy to New Zealand. Returning to the West Coast in 2000, Leigh became the vineyard manager for Archery Summit. Leigh now works on many Willamette Valley vineyards producing wonderful grapes for many wineries. In 2002, she and Patrick began the Dominio IV winery



11570 NE Intervale Rd, Carlton, Or 97111

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By The Numbers

By The Numbers

5 – Reclaimed cherry wood shelves behind tasting bar

1 – Interior sliding barn door

2 – Custom cabinet niches under the staircase

4 – Raised panels on the wine bar

5 – Weeks it took to dry out the sub floor during the remodel

The People

The People

Owners: Leigh Bartholowmew & Patrick Reuter
Project Manager: Abhinav Mishra
Designer: Cellar Ridge Construction
Interior Designer: Anne Nash, Pedal Home Interiors
Mic Cooney

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