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Green Features

Water Conservation

Water Conservation
  • 5000 gal. rainwater catchment system
  • Pre-plumed to use rainwater for toilets
  • Dual flush Toto toilets
  • All excess rainwater to go to bio-swale

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency
  • Super efficient HVAC system 15.5 SEER, 8.7 HSPF.
  • Weighted average U-value of 0.28 for Kolbe windows.
  • Hyper insulated:
    • R-43: Walls 1″ splay foam and 9″ blown in fiberglass.
    • R-59: Ceiling 4″ spray foam +R38 bat.
    • R-60: 16″ Open web floor trusses filled with blown in fiberglass.
  • 98% Efficient Navien on demand water heater.
  • Final blower door test 2 ACH at 50 pascals.
  • 5 KW ground mounted solar array.
  • All hot water lines insulated.
  • 3/8″ rain screen under 1″ stucco.
  • Southern orientation for passive solar.
  • Air-lock front entry design.
  • Raised heel trusses.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials
  • Reclaimed wood flooring.
  • Local grassland restoration juniper used for rafters.
  • Locally sourced Columbia river sand used in stucco.
  • 30% post consumer recycled content in insulation.
  • Locally sourced framing package.
  • Reclaimed beam and kitchen island countertop.
  • 25% Fly-Ash content foundation.
  • 69% of all construction waste diverted for recycling.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality
  • Merv 13 air filtration system.
  • Lifebreath HRV.
  • No carpet.
  • No VOC solvents or paints used.
  • Shoe removal and storage area in mud room.
  • Dog wash outside heated envelope.
  • Automatic garage exhaust fan system.
  • Built-in vacuum system.


  • LEED Platinum
  • Energy Star

Certified LEED Platinum

208 single family homes in Oregon LEED certified at either Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum since 2006.  Of that only 75 are Platinum Certified.

The People

The People

Owner: Claus and Annette Christensen
Project Manager: Carson Benner
Architect: m.o.daby design
Builder: Cellar Ridge Custom Homes
Interior Designer: Carrie Gates, LEED
Landscaping: Aspen Creek Landscaping

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