As 2016 ends, we look forward to further growth in 2017

During the past year we have seen more growth and excitement than we have in prior years giving us an elevated enthusiasm for the year to come.

Here are the 2016 numbers:

10 – Number of years Cellar Ridge has been building a greener community

4 – New crew members added: Reid Phillips, Josh Blanchard, Nathan Taplin, Nat Lemke

1 – Zack Geary was put on track to become partner

3 – Number of times the backyard wood fired pizza oven was fired up at the office

4 – Groundbreaking ceremonies: Purple Hands, Day Wines, Ponzi Hamacher, Alexander

1 – New project manager, Abinav Mishra, was hired from PSU Engineering Program

3 – Remodels: Pike Road Wines, 777 Brewery, Day Wines

5 – Project Completions: Purple Hands, Pitney Passive House, Papadopolous, Two Mules,

Elizabeth Chambers Cellars

1 – Green Builder of the Year award from Earth Advantage

0 – Number of hairs on Carson’s head, which was key in helping him to attain recognition as a

finalist in the annual beautiful bald builders of the year awards

1 – Billion hairs in Zack’s competition caliber beard

8,470 – Bottles of Pinot Noir consumed by John Mead in his quest to better grasp the wine


Our presence as a green builder for the Willamette Valley has sparked more interest in sustainable new construction and remodels each year we have operated.  Whether it is solar panels, rain harvest systems, low flow plumbing, or LED lighting everyone is getting excited about eco-friendly living.  Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t stop one of our people and say “I see your signs everywhere, what are you building now?”

The motto of our company, “building a greener community, one building at a time,” is gaining strength and popularity so we are proud to continue living it.  Thank you to all of our supporters out there, spread the word, save the planet.  Happy New Year!