Kizer Building

Their Story

Adaptive reuse is a vital part of green building and sustainability. Not only does it conserve land, reduce sprawl and promote smart growth but it revitalizes towns and urban cores. For these reasons, Cellar Ridge Custom Homes was extremely excited when we were tapped to adapt the old Kizer Sheet Metal plant into updated commercial spaces for the McMinnville Granary District. We took the old, abandoned industrial facility and reapportioned it for a series of new local ventures. With thorough efforts towards preserving the historical features and vernacular,we injected life into an otherwise derelict and bereft building. What resulted is a resilient, commercial structure sure to meet the needs of the McMinnville Granary District and the forthcoming Northeast Gateway Project. Recently, the Granary District received the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce award for Beautification.

For more information:
McMinnville Public Market
Granary District receives Beautification award

The People

Owner: Granary District
Project Manager: John Mead
Architect: Matthew Daby


A look at the old Kizer Building

By The Numbers

3 – Number of buildings in this grouping

3 – Number of years these buildings were unoccupied

3 – Number of months to complete this renovation

3 – Number of months until the buildings were all rented

3 – Andersen 100 transition windows installed over the entry to Valley Commissary