Cellar Ridge had their Christmas party this past weekend and it was grand! There was amazing food from Biscuit and Pickles  fabulous wine from Elizabeth Chambers Cellar. Paired with an assortment of some awesome local brews, the night was headed for success from the beginning.

As folks arrived they were greeted with a friendly face and a drink of their choice. White Elephant gifts were placed around and under the tree where surprise gifts for all the children were already beautifully wrapped and stashed. Folks then moved on to gaze upon and graze on the lovely appetizers set around.

The evening was then pleasantly interrupted by a celebratory toast by Carson and John thanking everyone for being a part of the Cellar Ridge team (though it’s more like a family) and for always doing a stellar job and helping to make this past year the best yet.

Then it was on to more food, drinks, and best of all, White Elephant time! There were fun gifts, ridiculous gifts, practical gifts, and epic gifts. We won’t go through the list but we’ll just say that folks got creative and had fun with acquiring gifts and people opened, loved, hated, stole, and traded for what seemed to be hours.

Children had fun, were loud and silly, and some adults were acting like children. As the night went on both drinks and laughter flowed freely and fun was had by all.

It was a great night and we can’t wait to top it next year. A big thanks to everyone who joined us and contributed in making it as special as it was.