Water Conservation

  • Low flow faucets
  • Low flow showers
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Rainwater sub-grade infiltration system
  • 100% on-site storm water management

Energy Efficiency

  • 8″ thick double 2×4 walls with thermal breaks
  • Dense-pack blown in fiberglass insulation
  • Open cell foam insulation C:R61 W:R36 F:R38
  • R-60 (24″) attic insulation
  • R-38 underfloor insulation
  • R-35 wall insulation
  • Ductless mini-split with concealed units
  • All ducting in conditioned space
  • Extensive air sealing package
  • All lighting CFL or LED
  • Raised heel trusses
  • Passive solar design
  • Electric car charger
  • Energy efficient on-demand water heater

Sustainable Materials

  • Infill lot within walking distance to local amenities
  • Job-site recycling
  • 80% post-consumer recycled metal roofing

Indoor Air Quality

  • Spero low formaldehyde MDF trim (no added urea-formaldehyde)
  • Zero VOC paint
  • No carpeting
  • occupancy controlled bath fans
  • Radon mitigation system
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator


The People

Owners: Rick and Allegra Hodges 
Designer: m.o.daby design
Project Manager: Carson Benner

By The Numbers

7- year old excavator

8- Attic trusses

25′-deep storm water infiltration system

8.4- KW Solar Array

1st- Areo Barrier House in Portland

0- Energy Home