Wilson Fjord

Water Conservation

  • 5000 gal. rainwater catchment system
  • Pre-plumed to use rainwater for toilets
  • Dual flush Toto toilets
  • All excess rainwater to go to bio-swale

Energy Efficiency

  • uper efficient HVAC system 15.5 SEER, 8.7 HSPF.
  • Weighted average U-value of 0.28 for Kolbe windows.
  • Hyper insulated:
    • R-43: Walls 1″ splay foam and 9″ blown in fiberglass.
    • R-59: Ceiling 4″ spray foam +R38 bat.
    • R-60: 16″ Open web floor trusses filled with blown in fiberglass.
  • 98% Efficient Navien on demand water heater.
  • Final blower door test 2 ACH at 50 pascals.
  • 5 KW ground mounted solar array.
  • All hot water lines insulated.
  • 3/8″ rain screen under 1″ stucco.
  • Southern orientation for passive solar.
  • Air-lock front entry design.
  • Raised heel trusses.

Sustainable Materials

  • Reclaimed wood flooring.
  • Local grassland restoration juniper used for rafters.
  • Locally sourced Columbia river sand used in stucco.
  • 30% post consumer recycled content in insulation.
  • Locally sourced framing package.
  • Reclaimed beam and kitchen island countertop.
  • 25% Fly-Ash content foundation.
  • 69% of all construction waste diverted for recycling.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Merv 13 air filtration system.
  • Lifebreath HRV.
  • No carpet.
  • No VOC solvents or paints used.
  • Shoe removal and storage area in mud room.
  • Dog wash outside heated envelope.
  • Automatic garage exhaust fan system.
  • Built-in vacuum system.


  • Energy Star
  • LEED Platinum

The People

Owner: Claus and Annette Christensen
Project Manager: Carson Benner
Architect: m.o.daby design
Builder: Cellar Ridge Custom Homes
Interior Designer: Carrie Gates, LEED
Landscaping: Aspen Creek Landscaping