Purple Hands Tasting Room

Their Story

Over the past 40 years, Cody’s family has created a legacy of quality in the Oregon wine industry. Their winemaking styles and techniques helped Oregon’s Willamette Valley become the premium Pinot noir producing region in the world. At Purple Hands, Cody continues to build on the standard of excellence initiated by the previous generation.

Our wines bear an unmistakable connection to the earth—and not only because grapes grow in dirt. Air, water, soil, animals—entire ecosystems—make our wines what they are. Knowing this, we do our best to employ sustainable practices throughout our business. Whether we’re sourcing grapes from LIVE and Salmon Safe certified vineyards, hosting a winemaker dinner made from organic ingredients grown nearby, or building our winery and tasting room with a low-emission foot print and recycled steel and cedar salvaged in Oregon, we search for ways to work in harmony with the natural environment

The Wine Maker

Native to Oregon vineyards and farmland, owners Cody and Marque Wright are most intrigued by wines that reveal the history of their native landscape. Cody, our winemaker, has been in the cellar his whole life, with stints at home and abroad—following in his family’s footsteps. He and Marque collaborate closely in the pursuit of world-class wines and warm hospitality at Purple Hands Winery.

Scott and Michele Campbell fell in love with Purple Hands early in our history—and have since not only become our great friends but our sole partners. Serious about wine and shrewd about business, they are a dedicated force for us whenever we call on them. The Campbells own and operate Latchkey Vineyard, our beautiful estate site in the Dundee Hills.

Energy Efficiency

  • Simple Saver System, high performance insulation and finishing system
  • LED lights throughout

Sustainable Materials

  • Metal roofing and siding is made from recycled steel
  • Wood siding is reclaimed wood from an old lumber mill
  • Job site recycling during construction

Indoor Air Quality

  • Simple Saver System, high performance insulation and finishing system
  • LED lights throughout

Water Conservation

  • Rainwater collection gardens
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures throughout


1200 North 99W
Dundee, Oregon 97115

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The People

Owner: Cody & Marque Wright
Project Manager: John Mead
Photographer: Carolyn Wells-Kramer

By The Numbers

4 – Rainwater collection gardens

4 – Number of high efficiency minisplit units used to heat and cool the entire facility

24 – Percent of the roof and siding is recycled steel

7 – Months to complete this facility from bare ground to producing and selling wine